Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Dooper Shoe Sunday

Those of you who know me well know I LOVE shoes.
You know why?
Because if you gain weight your shoe size usually stays the same.
So,,,,,,this morning I had to do a lil shoe shopping.....cause I'm in da mood.
First up.  My faves.  Christian Louboutin.
There's just something about that red sole that makes me go gaga.

okay, seriously y'all, my sista had some just like these in 1972 for an Elton John concert.

these little cuties made it in the basket

on to a more reasonable price point (for me at least) Tory Burch

I know what your thinking.....REALLY Kendall???  But these are SO me!!! I have to have them

I am totally in love with these shoes. Tory outdid herself

Louboutins? ick

Perfect for a Mother of the Bride

Have a great day y'all!!!
Still goin strong a Scott's.  It's been pretty dead but still doin pretty well with sales!
Great day for you Atlantans to come on out and see me
L-10 South Building!
see ya there!

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  1. I love the first pair and the Tory Burch wedges! I feel the same way about lipstick... doesn't matter what size jeans one is in... a new lipstick never fails! xo