Saturday, March 24, 2012

What a Difference a Frame Makes (Part II)

So, I went to visit the framer yesterday!
My good friend and spectacular artist David Siffert.
For those of you reading that live out here where I do that would be "Dress The Walls" right off Scott Rd. and right next to "Art of Oconee"where I am a member.
So, just want to show you what you can do with a piece of art with a simple frame.
Remember there is no such thing as bad art, just bad framing!
Framing a piece is just like adding the finishing touches to a room that you're redecorating.
Here we go!
"Shadows" before frame

20 x 24 mixed media framed in a heavy archaic frame

Blue Skies I and II before framing

Blue Skies I and II
275.00 each
500.00 for the pair

"Mellow Days"
before framing

"Mellow Days"
18 x 24 mixed media

and sometimes you just don't need a frame!
36 x 36 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
e-mail me with any questions!
have a wonderful weekend y'all!

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  1. These frames all allow your gorgeous art to the last one!!