Friday, March 9, 2012

I've Been Summoned!

I've been "summoned" to re-post the video that Callen was in.
Let me explain.  Michael J. Moore contacted me yesterday and said he has had so many hits from my website that it almost shut his down!!! THANKU!  Anyway, what is this video for?
I asked the same question.  It's his portfolio.  See he is a fashion photographer but is looking for big time work. Like Vogue and Vanity Fair.  Now, I know I'm a tinny, tiny, bit prejudice, but I think he's already big time.  I personally thought the video was one of the coolest I had seen and he should be so proud that he produced it.
Anyway, if any of you, my wonderful readers out there know of fashion ad agencies, or fashion designers, etc, you get the drift, please send them this video.  I personally would be so thankful!
In the meantime, here are three new shots he sent me of Callen.  They are his favorites and are hot off the press!

I love this one.  I just think the outfit fits her tiny little body so well. And it looks so classy.
Now back to the video

back to Scott's today!!! y'all come see me pAlease!!! It was a little bit boring yesterday, but still sold 3 pieces! yayyyyy.  But now is a good time to come.  If it's slow you can get better deals on stuff :)
have a wonderful day y'all!
oh South Building L-10 (5102)


  1. Callen looks awesome!!!

  2. You've had some month, Kendall. These pictures are fabulous and loved watching the video...what a gorgeous subject!!