Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An All Star Event!

Let's see.  I've gone from Watercolor, to 5 couples at the lake to now....
The Chick Filet Bowl Challenge!
Last night "W" and I hosted six lovely men at our home here at Reynolds for this wonderful event!
What is it?
It is coaches from all over the place who choose someone to play with.
W and I get to participate.  W is hosting one of the coaches (and riding with he and his partner) and I get to personally sign the coaches in today. (I get the fun part!)
(Except for asking them to each sign their flag)
So, last night was super fun.  Chick Filet did such a wonderful job hosting a beautiful party out on the lawn at the Ritz Carlton.
So, sit back and check out the stars!  Forgive me, I LOVE football, but don't know every name there.

 Stars in my book!  Some of the volunteers and "W"
 our friend Dabo Sweeney.  What a wonderful guy!
 There's Johnny Musso talkin with Dabo
 I think we all know who this is! (he's a hoot by the way)
 it's funny what good friends they are off the field!
 W and Coach Spurrier
 again good friends off the field!  Steve Spurrier and Coach Saban's beautiful wife
 media was everywhere on this beautiful night!
 there he is! (I snuck a pic)
 W is following this really nice coach from NC State Tom O'Brien
Tom Gugliani
 The wonderful Frank Beamer and his wonderful wife!
 they raised over 700,000.00 for various charities!
 Gino Torretta Hiesmon trophy winner for 1992!  He's a hoot!
there's Gino!
Today is going to be a really fun day!
Hope you have one too!

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  1. Carolina Carolina Go! Go! Spurrier!!!
    My blood runneth garnet and black- but I do love Dabo too- SEC is the best!
    I totally missed my invite to this maybe next year? I kid. I kid.
    Good times!!