Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beach!!!

It was a VERY soggy morning yesterday at Watercolor.  We wanted to see the arts festival at Seaside but unfortunately it rained.  J and I did bike on over to see what was left of it after the rain let up. I felt so bad for all those people who spent time setting up for this fun event.  There was some great stuff!  Of course I forgot my camera so these pics are compliments of J!

 Wouldn't you love to scare your child with one of these???
 think this chick would mind if I copy her work?  I absolutely adore this painting!
 more Seaside!  Then
 back to the home front we went!

 trying to get the knack of it!  He was SO cute

 sorry about all the pics!  I just couldn't figure out which one I liked the most!!!

 we wagoned over to the beach
 how beautiful is this?

 Baby Cakes slept peacefully in her cage!

 I dug my feet in the sand
 Lil B wasn't to keen on the water
 but we couldn't pull Evers out!
 Gregory and Ames finally made it!!!
 we dined at Elmos
 and Evers gave me a growl face!
And Boo made it too!  I've now got all my babies here!!!
Have a great Monday y'all!!!


  1. What state is Seaside? It is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Hi Kay! It is on the Florida panhandle. Just google Seaside, Florida!!! Thanks for commenting!