Sunday, May 20, 2012

OOPS! I Forgot to Post!!

I forgot to post yesterday!!!  My bad! We are still down at Watercolor enjoying THE MOST beautiful weather EVER!!! It has been about 82 every day with a slight breeze.
So, the other night we went to Bud-n-Ally's.
A staple for those of you who frequent Seaside and it's surroundings.
 the kiddos colored
 this is beautiful Ally, one of Callen's high school buds!
 and Callens hunka hunka burnin beau

 this was Callen saying she always wanted Ally's hair
 before Ally's hair!
 and after Ally's hair! I think Callen needs to stick to her own hairstyle.
 the kids had a blast!
 Evey immediately attached herself to Ally!
 then we had to visit the snow cone place
 at Seaside you let the kids just run loose!  This is the amphitheatre
I don't have the words....
but they are a darling couple!!!
Ally, Callen and Brittany!
Today?  cleanup duty!!!
hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Could your family be any more beautiful?! This looks like such a wonderful vacation. My parents(86 and 87) still get a house every Summer at the beach for the 20 of us - my 3 sisters spouses children and their great's always the best week of the year!! The house has grown over the years to now a 10 bedroom...