Friday, May 11, 2012

Scott Antique Market

Hey Y'all!
Man....where was everyone yesterday at Scott's?
I did score a few sales yesterday though! yippeeee!
it did make me feel better that the lady in charge said May is the slowest month of the year.
What does that mean?
It is also so much fun people watching.  I love to sit and watch the cute clothes all the beautiful people wear...and I save up the whole month for the Greek food at the food court.
and yes, the baklava is included.  I totally break out of diet mode on at least one two days while I'm there!
I was just thinkin about my little angel this mornin!
Hope to see you today at Scott's!
South Building L-10
Have a beautiful day y'all!


  1. So wish we could be there. We definitely need to plan an Atlanta trip around your Scott's visits. How gorgeous is your newest grandchild...your whole family is absolutely beautiful!! Hope it's busy today and you sell lots and lots...

    1. I just love you guys!!! always my inspiration!!!