Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chick Filet Bowl Challenge Part II

Well, I officially met, hugged, and shook hands with every coach and player participating in the Chick Filet Bowl Challenge golf tournament!
ESPN will be airing this event around Christmas time I do believe.
What a great event!  And let me tell you, those coaches and players are serious about this golf tournament.
I love Johnny Musso.  Gave me a big ole hug and what a humble man!
So, I captured a bunch of shots yesterday which was loads of fun!
Here we go!
 the coaches/players started with a wonderful breakfast and a few instructions

 seriously multitasking

 Urban Myer

there's my man Johnny Musso!
Have a great day y''all!
what's up next?
The Weselyan Artist Market
May 3 - 5
Can't wait!

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