Saturday, May 12, 2012


Did somebody let the flood gates open at Scott's yesterday?
Totally fun I might add and not boring at all
(still had time to look at the cute clothes however)
Thank you my friends for sending me good vibes! I had a stellar day!
I even got a little worried that I wouldn't have art for my solo show....
which is! May 21st at the lovely home of Kathy and Tim Gannon's in Dothan. Alabama.
Don't worry, I didn't do THAT well!  I still have plenty of art to show!
OH I cannot wait for this!
Before that though it's ..... FAMILY VACATION TIME!!!
Yippee!  It's 4:45 and I'm about to go pack.  I cannot wait to get down to Watercolor with the whole family.
It will be W and me, Jordan and Eric, all three kids, Gregory and Amy, and Callen and Houston.  Stay tuned sweet friends, camera is charged and ready to snap...ALL week long!
This is what I will be seeing.  Pray for good weather!
If not, I'm sure we will be utilizing the bowling ally to it's full potential!

pics stolen from somebody's blog.  not sure who's, it just popped up on google!
anyway, this is where we are going.
Shout out THANK YOU to my sweet friend "E" for letting us use her beautiful home!!!
xo friends!
have a wonderful day

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