Friday, May 4, 2012

The Weselyan Artist Market

This art show gets better and better every year!
And this year is no exception.  I have never seen such talented artists!
Last night was such a joy (and sold 3 paintings!) although my feet were KILLING me and I have a terrible case of the hives.  I know people were wondering why I was scratching myself to death! (I would hide behind my booth and go to town in scratching Heaven!
If you've ever had them, please tell me a remedy.  I'm miserable!!!
Anyway, enough about that.  Like I said, I am in the midst of some super talented artist and I was clickin away!
 Someone is negotiating with her hubs for the large painting "Dreaming"! Fingers crossed!

 new painting "A Field of Poppies"

 love this gals work!

 Melissa Payne Baker

 Julie Watt

 LOVE this church!
 and her other work!

and the ever so popular Jenny Everett Shultz

Come see me y'all!
The show goes on all day today and tomorrow!
have a great Friday y'all!

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