Friday, August 31, 2012

25 Years Ago

25 years ago today I was probably doing the same thing I'm doing right now.
Awake at 3:30.  Oh, wait, we didn't have computers back then!
WOW, what a revelation I just had!
I was most likely awake because I was going to have a baby the next day and most likely couldn't sleep.
We didn't know what we would name her if she was a girl until about 2 days before.
There was a darling little girl down the street from us named Callen so since my maiden name is Callaway we thought we would incorporate Callaway into Callen.
We were building a beautiful home in Vestavia and were nearing the completion part.  About 2 months before it's completion the whole deal fell apart.  Seems the builder was doing something with our money that should have been going into our house.  So, the subs weren't getting paid and we basically had to fire the builder.  I was under an enormous amount of stress.
So, 25 years ago I went for the normal weekly check up.
Blood pressure was OUT THE ROOF!!!
I'll never forget going to see Dr. Huggins (I'm sure all my Bham readers who are my age (or younger) remember good ole Dr. Huggings)  Seems he or his partner, Dr. Robinett (um close to your face talker) (one time I thought he wanted to kiss me) delivered (and still do) babies all over Birmingham.
Anyway, blood pressure out the roof and they put me in a room all by myself hooked up to all kinds of monitors.  Well, I had a panic attack and couldn't get off the bed.
I started yelling like a crazed fool.  I mean I think back on it and the nurses must have really thought I was nuts.  I was yelling at the top of my lungs Dr. HUGGINGS, Dr. HUGGINGS!!!
FINALLY someone came in there.  My monitor was going crazy because I was going so crazy!
he FINALLY came in and he said "we're taking this baby tomorrow."  Can't risk it with your blood pressure.
Whew, another panic attack.
Crying.  You know, the whole deal.
Well, they checked me in the next day (which will be 25 years ago tomorrow).  Of course blood pressure was fine then.  Normal delivery led to my perfectly beautiful, baby girl
She is precious to my heart and the whole fam (including Houston) is coming to Atllanta to celebrate tonight!!!!
Happy Birthday Eve CallieMo!!!
I love you!

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