Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kendall, Where Are You????

Gosh, where AM I?
There's a lot we need to catch up on sista.
First of all, I have intentionally not blogged for a week because I wanted my ART SALE to be first priority. I'll still keep it up because I would love to sell what I have left. ( I may even add a few pieces so scroll down to check).
Let's see.
First of all, I made an important life decision this week!
I am moving back to Atlanta for good and the lakehouse will be our 2nd home.
I have the perfect place to paint there. Albeit a little smaller than my studio at the lake but it overlooks some of the skyrisers in the city and it will be such a cool place!  "W" is even buying me a new easel!!!!  (SO excited)
We continue to get amazing showings at our home at the lake and are actually anticipating a contract very soon.  Bittersweet but man does it feel good to just not have so much stuff!!!
Does anyone else my age feel that way?
Jordan and Eric brought the kids to Atlanta last week for a couple of fun packed days.  While I was a Scotts, "W" entertained them with everything G-man aka "Bean" could think to do.  And yes, the Varsity was in the mix.  I mean how CAN you visit Atlanta without a trip to the Big V?
On Monday J and I took the kids to the zoo.
Ya know?  I've always been a huge lover of animals of all most kinds but ever since my trip to Australia/New Zealand I'm increasingly growing more and more fond of exotic animals.
I had a BLAST at the Zoo.  Probably more fun than the kids did!
I had never been to the Atlanta Zoo but it is a great place to visit when you come here!
First, I have to show you Baby Cakes at 5.5 months!


 Since I'm sure I was part of the monkey species in a previous life, I'm a huge lover of gorillas

 Me. Here. Now.

 My precious lil Baby Cakes
 And the carousal was a huge hit!
Don't forget to scroll down for the art that is still on SALE!!!!
Have a great day y'all!


  1. I thought that you lived in Atlanta already? Your grandchildren are adorable!

  2. Kendall - Just found you via your comment on Slim Paley and her NOT watercolor painting.

    Is one of these gorillas Ivan? He was rescued from an indoor concrete "gorilla bunker" inside a discount mall in Tacoma, WA after living there 30 years. Tacoma is a GREAT city but, this was a sad situation made much better when his human family finally let him go free (so to speak).

    He's been in Atlanta for 18 years now and turned/turning 50 this year!

    You may know him as the Gorilla who paints. :-)

    Looking forward to reading more of your past posts - Cheers!

    1. Hey Linda! Thanks for commenting and finding my blog!!! You know, I it must be Ivan but I'm not sure, I didn't catch his name. Seems like I read something about him coming here though!
      Thanks again for stoping by!!!
      Cheers back for a happy weekend!!!