Monday, August 6, 2012

Pizza, Babies, Birthdays and Graduation!!!

WOW what a weekend!!!
Totally packed with fun with the fam!
Of course camera was in tow.
Did you really think I would go anywhere without it?
Here we go.


 Baby Cakes was sportin a mullet, so J got out the scissors!
 She really didn't know what to think!

 today is Lil B's birthday!
so we celebrated at the bowling alley

 Boo and Lawson = precious!

 my daddy's still got it!
(it's also his birthday today too!)

bowling with a baby in tow!

 somebody else I know REALLY well has a birthday coming up!!!

on to nephew Tyler's graduation from Auburn!

We are so, so proud of him!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Everyone looks awesome!!! Jack looks great!!! I love my family!!!