Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Well today is the dreaded day!!!  Another birthday.
Let's see, I think that makes it 53.  Did I really say that?
OMG on the computer screen it looks so much older than I think I am.
As a matter of fact the other day I thought I was 40. (I'm serious!)
Anyway, as I was driving over to Atlanta this morning I was thinking about birthdays.
To me, we should celebrate our Mother and Father for having us!
(I was quite the handful btw)
So, in honour of my birthday I am thanking my mother up in Heaven and my Daddy.
Both wonderful parents who shaped me into the kind of person I am today.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Have a wonderful day y'all!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENDALL! Hope you have a wonderful day! We will have to celebrate next time you come to town :) Love you!

  2. What a sweet thing to say! You have two very beautiful parents & I know for sure they both are very proud of you! Love Aunt E.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, lovely lady! Looking at the pictures of your family it seems like you've made the most of those 53 years and have more beautiful work than just those fabulous paintings to show for it! And don't worry: Every time someone asks me how old I am I automatically think 22. I'm 27... Time flies when you're having fun! xo Kristy

  4. Have a wonderful seem like a child compared to me :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I believe we all think we are younger because in our minds we embrace it. Age is just a number and anyway it beats the alternative.