Friday, August 24, 2012


Gosh I'm not sure I've blogged about my sister or not but if I have, forgive me because I'm about to blog about her again.
We "used" to despise each other.
Really, my poor mother grew up with us bickering non stop.  Sista would work, buy her own clothes.  I would sew my own, but wear hers.  She kept her room neat and clean and clothes off the floor.  My room was like a freakin tornado ran through it.  Not only did I try on her clothes, but my friends did, AND mine at the same time and would throw them ALL over my room.  We were really jealous of one another being only 13 months apart.  I'm positive I was a mistake, and I'm sure my parents thought a BIG mistake as I was growing up.   Like I've said before, I was quite the handful.  I'm a third child and my goal in life was to get as much attention as possible.
So, I started swimming competitively at 4, started competitive gymnastics at 4, learned to sew at 9, and started playing tennis at 12.
My parents were VERY in to sports and made sure that myself and all of my siblings excelled in sports.
SO, sista and I competed in everything....(except sewing)
Let's get back to Sisters.
We really did not get along growing up.  You would think being so close in age we would be the best of friends but that is so not what we were.  Even as young adults we would fight like cats and dogs.
BIG time.
I got married young and had my children young.
Sister waited until she was I think 28 and got married and had her oldest at 38.  So at 54 she has her 3rd  as a senior in high school and her youngest a sophomore.
Okay, enough about the background.
Sista is my best friend.
I love her more than life itself.
and you know what? Yesterday was the first time we have ever verbally told each other to our faces that we love each other.
She always has my back and does so much for my kids.
She's a size 2 (bitch) and I'm a size 10.  She needs to gain a few pounds and I need to loose (more) than a few pounds.  She has few wrinkles and I have tons.  I'm really jealous of how well she is aging compared to me.  We couldn't look more different if we were from different ends of the earth.
She's laid back and let me use her garage for 2 nights for my art classes.  She helped me do everything from serving wine to serving petite fours to taking all of the photographs.
She lets me dump at her house when I come to Birmingham. Just because she thought it was fun!
and, she is really hilarious.
Now, a little about why I admire my sister so much.
To say she has had trying times in her life is an understatement.  To protect her privacy I'm not going in to the details but let's just say she's divorced.
It was a very unfortunate situation in which she had no control.  And, a very sad situation.
She picked herself up strapped up the laces on her boots and raised her kids all by herself.
4 unbelievable ones by the way that in my book are simply perfect.
Not to mention beautiful both inside and out.
She has financially put one threw college and another is a senior.
All by herself.  
The other two, she will to the same for doing everything in her power to make it happen.
Me? All I've done is depend on "W" to do it!
We have led such different lives as we have grown.  But we connect with one another so easily.
She has taught me to never take what I have for granted.  And I don't.  I am extremely grateful for what I have because I know it can change in an instant.
I love my sister.
Have a wonderful day y'all!
hug your sister.


  1. A beautiful tribute to Kim--there's NO friend like a sister! Testify!!

  2. WOW! SO glad that the two of you have "found" each other. I tell people ALL the time that both of you are two of the most talented people I know, and that's the truth! You both have SO many unique God given talents, but while God gives us talents, it's WHAT we do with them that really counts. You have both excelled in "making your way", and I am proud to claim you both as a friend and relative (by marriage counts right?).

  3. Your story is so similar to mine. A sister who is 1 yr and 2 weeks younger than me. Bickering throughout our childhood and especially teen years. Sharing a room, me the neat freak, her messy ( a line had to be marked off so I wouldn't have to live in her mess-lol!). Her life has been much easier than mine but she never makes me feel different regardless. And now we are the best of friends and can count on each other for anything, confide in each other and know that it will go no further, and we cherish each others children. Nothing better than a sister or sisters!

    1. wow!!! It really is just like ours!!! Sister is the older one. (and more responsible!!!)