Thursday, August 23, 2012

OMG!!! Must Read!!!

I am just simply amazed at what my students painted!!!
I think I might have some competition with my budding artists students!
We had SO much fun with many many wanting me to do this again!
I think everyone was so proud of their masterpieces that they will proudly hang their painting in their home.  AND THEY painted it!!!  It is so gratifying to paint something and have someone say "YOU painted THAT!!!! You are really good!!!
So, here are the fun pics from last night!
 First I had a little surprise!
 24 little petit fours from Edgars Bakery.  Um WAIT there's only 12 there......
My dog Cooper got up on the counter and ate 12 of them...I'm serious y'all, wrapper and all.
Needless to say I was not really happy with him.  He hasn't thrown them up yet but I'm still waiting.....
 sweet DIL (she blogged about her experience last night)

 I went around and helped tweak a little at the beginning of class

 then came the fun part
 Staining the painting.  I heard a lot of OH NOs!!!!

 then the masterpiece was revealed!

 time for a little break!

 I promise I'm not preggars.  Wow!  never realized this top makes me look like it though. (Don't cha hate when that happens???)

 the whole group of budding artists with their own masterpieces!!!
 I loved my students to pieces!!! This is Dathalia
 And this is Kelly
 Then Callen came home and we finished hers! WOW!!!
 Seems I have a little budding artist in my fam too!!!
What a wonderfully fun event.
May do another, may not!  Let's just see how busy I get!
This can now be written off my bucket list!
(But may stay on for future reference)
Have a fabulous day y'all!
I'm headed back to Hotlanta!


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog from a friend of a friend. What talent you have! I love your dress/gown paintings! If you ever decide to do a class again, I am in Marietta and think I could EASILY round up a group for you. That looks so fun and what a wonderful painting to take home in the end.

  2. Hi Kendall, I'm a fan of yours from Colorado! I'll be in Bham in November and would love it if you had a class then. I read your blog to get ideas for art, even though I primarily work in water colors, I'm wanting to branch out into the highly textured multi-media world! Out here in the "West" most people paint (and buy!) mountains, aspen trees, horses, and southwestern/cultural themes. Right now I'm trying to adapt your churches and buildings into adobe buildings, mission churches, pueblos etc. Thanks for your creative blog that is inspiring me! PS I'm Kurt's (Jill's husband) mother-Knox and Lucas's "Nana". Hope you'll consider a November class! Looks like a blast!

  3. Hi Kendall,
    I love your paintings and your blog. I wish you could have a travelling class and visit us in San Francisco area! I wanted to ask you what brand of paint, stain and texturing material do you use? If you don't mind sharing ofcourse! I'm a self thought artist and wanted to experiment some of your techniques. I'm a realtor, a busy wife and Mom to two faboulous collage girls and want to take a little time to scape and recharge with art.
    Happy Painting!
    Kathy R.

    1. Hi Kathy R!!! I would LOVE to come to San Fran!!! You are welcome to come on over to Atlanta any time, or better yet I live right around the corner from the Ritz Carlton at Reynold's Plantation (just google it) and we could do it at the lake!!! How fun would that be? Relaxation, lake and painting all in one! I have a real unique technigue one that I'm afraid I don't like to explain to my students. Hope you understand, but it's just "my" own way of painting to prep my canvas'. I WILL tell you to use HEAVY body acrylics, let it dry really well and use lots of paint. Gesso is a great thickener to give it texture. I use Golden paints. For my stain I make my own with my own recipe that I honestly could not tell you how I do it. (I am a very unorthodox painter) I will tell you to just try this two parts raw umber to one part burnt umber, and raw ochre. Then add lots of water, mix well and don't worry about the drips just wipe the stain down really fast. Paint fast and loose and remember that your imperfections in yourself will come out in the paintings that you paint. That's okay! No one is perfect and that's what people love about my art! I'm imperfect. (took me a long time to realize that!) just kiddin! Thank you for stopping by and I am very serious about you guys coming to Reynolds! Have a great day!