Monday, August 20, 2012

Wanna Paint?

WOW!!! Art class filled up REALLY fast!  I mean like within 2 hours.
Now I'm going to do what I really, really love.  Teach them a few secrets.
You see there are so many wannabe artist that are just dying to take the plunge.
I've known for a good while that I had it in me but was so scared of rejection, getting compulsive,
you know, that obsessive/compulsive disorder that I have. (um I'm serious)
I was so scared that I would get so compulsive that I would never know when to lay the paint brush down.
Which brings me to my first painting.
And I'll tell you about it.
I first named it a "Masterpiece of Self Destruction"
Why, you say???
Well, it started out as the skyline of New York.
See those high trees? They were supposed to be the buildings in abstract.
Well, as the painting evolved, I painted over the whole thing and then wiped it down. It started looking like trees!....So, I thought, hum,,,,I actually had to sleep on this one.
Got up early next morning and decided LAKE.  That's where I live and I'm going to paint a boat and drip water.  So I painted a bright red boat.  I mean it BLINDED me.  So as it dried I started scraping paint off of it to give it an old rubbed finish.  Then I added the drips.  I actually was starting to despise my "masterpiece of mass destruction." Hubs loved it, so I entered it in an art show and had 3 people fighting over this 950.00 painting.  It is now proudly hanging in Bank South at Reynold's Plantation.
To say this was a frustration is an understatement.  To say this was a huge boost in my confidence is also an understatement.
It gave me the courage to paint more and more!  I knew I had it in me!  This was 3 1/2 years ago and since then I have sold over 250 paintings!
At 50 I found my niche!
So, go for it people!!! Find what you love to do!  It's never too late to bring out that special dream you've had all of your life!
I love teaching and I am really excited to see what my students will come out with in the next couple of days.  And yes, I will have my camera ready!!!
Heading for Birmingham in a few to Body Pump and get ready!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. You are such an inspiration, Kendall! I would take your class in a heartbeat if i were closer. I know it would be inspiring and fun. xoxo

  2. I'm sure they will love taking art from you!! Glad you are sharing your God given talent.

  3. I have no artistic talent of any sort, but I would come just to watch you in action!! You know how we LOVE your work!!