Thursday, October 4, 2012

Greetings from Sunny California!!!!

We're here!!! Safe n sound.
In beautiful, sunny Napa.
Completely, already "wined" up.
Why does my head hurt this morning????
As promised, we had a wonderful lunch yesterday at Mustard's Grille.
I had sole with a zuccinni risoto.  "W" had the pork chop (his staple)
We sat at the bar and ate, met some really nice people and hobnobed with the fun bartender.
It was SO much fun and we loved the people we met!!  
We also met someone connected to Round Pond winery.  We had never visited this wonderful winery so "W" and I were quick to take the nice gentlemen up on the invitation.
We were NOT disappointed!
But first....Mustards

 we were lusting over this beautiful car parked out front!
 the cell phone usually accompanies our vacations :)
The view from inside Round Top winery.
It is a gorgeous building with an even more gorgeous view of the valley and their grapes.

 yes, we tried out all of these glasses.....
and may have made a few purchases.....
 idn't he cute?
 they served these wonderful parings with our wine.  My favorite (it's not shown because I cobbled it up before I snapped the pic) was a breaded green baked olive on pastrami.  Oh yummy! (Even "W" ate his!)
 This adorable young lady "Nichole" helped us and told us all about the winery.  She is just a doll!
 They also offer tons of fun stuff!

 love these bookends!
Since this is the same car as our son Gregory got when he was 16, we had to take a pic for him!!!
We only got in one winery yesterday because we spent so much time at Round Pond, but it was well worth it.  
Dinner last night was a wonderful, quaint Italian Restaurant in the heart of Napa named
Try it!
then,,,,we were in bed by 9...
Have a wonderful day y'all!!!
oh!!! we got into Shafer Wine!!! Today at 2 - yippee!!!

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  1. I discovered Round Pond on my last visit to Wine Country and fell in love with it.

    It is definitely not on the main road so you have to know where you are going in order to get there! the food pairing with the wine!