Friday, October 5, 2012

THE MUD BATH.....and more.

Warning!!! Photo overload!!!
You are entering what was a very busy day for us yesterday!
We had such a great time!!!
It started with.....
Now.  If you are used to goin to the spa at The Ritz Carlton, this place probably wouldn't be for you.
It's kindof gross to tell you the truth.
it betta fo you.
It's actually FABULOUS!!!
That is, if you can get over your fear of gettin neked in front of people, getting mud ALL over your body, being stuck in a tub of mud for really what seems like an eternity....and if you are the least bit clostrphobic, this probably idn't ur gig.
Well, I said to myself.....I'm getting over all my inhibitions and doing this.  Because it is so GOOD for you!  
So, I arrived here promptly at 9 a.m. in Calistoga.
 Now, just to let you know....this place is the REAL thing.  Equiped with real native Americans that treat you.  It is really special, and they are the nicest woman you will ever meet.
I could have brought my phone in the mud room but didn't know that until it was too late :(  really wanted to take a pic of me in the mud.  Now, let me tell you.  That mud is like molasses.  Getting in it is really wierd.  You just lay down neked on top of the mud and then the lady picks the mud up and places it all over you.  You slowly sink into the bath for 10 - 12 minutes.
Lets see, about 6 1/2 minutes into it, I started whimping out.  All I could do was think....
Hum, how many people HAVE been neked in this same mud.  Wonder if they peed in it?  EWE all the germs!!! I gotta get outta here,,,,,,60, 59, 58, 57, 56.....7 min into it and I HAD to get outta there......
I couln't get outta there fast enough.  She was like, are you sure?  and I was like YES.
What a baby.
Getting out is a challenge ya'll.  It's like you are glued to the mud. You have to swing one leg over the side, then the other and pick yourself up out of the mud.  It's hard to get out and she's whiping you down the whole time.  Clumps of mud are falling off of you.
Hum.  Then you shower.
They then put you in a old footed bathtub of hot water with a cold rag, and serve you the most wonderful cucumber and lemon water.
Oh, my.
After soaking for about 20 minutes, you go into the hottest steam room I've ever been in.  Couldn't do that either.  Too hot.
Soooooo. they then wrap you in a light blanket and put you in a resting room.
Here's where I got my phone!
 The sweet lady must have thought I was crazy asking her to take a picture of me like this.
She's right.
So, afterwards I felt like a new woman.  Seriously, all of the toxins taken out of my body!
Yippeeee!  A new me, ready to drink more wine!
So, I went and got "W" and we promtly went to one of my faves for lunch
Oakville Grocery.
Chances are if you've been to wine country, you've been to Oakville Grocery.
We came here 20 something years ago and have seen this place grow and improve over the years.
This is MY kinda store!

 my lunch.

 this is truly the BEST caramel I've ever had.


 Our favorite dog.  I was so sad to hear that he had passed away.  Sorry to tell you this on my blog kids.

Okay, we had SO much fun with this group of adorable young women!!!! (W got some flirt time in!!!!)
They were either dentists or married to one.  And they were havin a blast!!!

 I just cannot tell you how much I love this wine.  But, get out your checkbook.

 OH to be young again!!!!

 On to the Auberge du Soleil for dinner.

 A little starter compliments of the chef. YUM.
 "W" had a smooth corn chowder.
 My appetizer was goat cheese with the freshest little cherry tomatoes and beets.
 2nd course was a tagelletelli pasta dish with a zuchinni flower on top.  FAB.

I have to say, I was NOT pleased at all with my main course.  Very disappointed.  They frothed the parmesan cheese and it seriously tasted like dishwashing liquid.

 "W"s desert was fabulous.
I have to give the Auberge a B because of my main dish.  Everything else was just spectacular and the service and ambience was impeccable.
Lot's of wine tasting!!!!
Have a great day y'all!