Monday, October 8, 2012

To Say Saturday was an Excitiment.....

is an understatement!
We started the day off with a trip to a new restaurant in a place at The Farm called The Boon Fly Cafe.
OH yummers.

 I indulged in a bacon Bloody Mary.  So good!
 on to San Fransico where it was action packed.  Seriously there were about 1 million people there to watch the Blue Angels.
I had never seen them before so this was extra special for me!
 We got on a chartered boat with about 75 FUN people!  We are still trying to figure out how the planes wrote Geico messages in the sky without anyone see them doing it.  How cool is that?
 A special treat! A sea lion!
 San Fransicso
 Our boat
 Part of the pre-fly show
 There were thousands of boats in the bay!
 The Rock!

 and you wouldn't believe the security out there!

 lots of party goers.

 The Golden Gate Bridge

 This was so cool, a United 747 joined in the show!  Flew really low

 My new friend Susie!  Just a doll!

 check out this guys lens!

 Part of the Americas Cup.  This was our boat!  They were also in town for the Americas event!

 more new friends who served the best truffle cheese I've ever had!
 this looked ever so dangerous!
 all the people lined up on the boardwalk
 Then W and I went on to a wonderful dinner!!!
It was a wonderful, wonderful day and trip!
But, I'm home now :(
Ready to paint for Scott's this weekend!
Don't forget to stop by and see me!!!
L-10 South Building!!!
Back in the way back near the food court!!!
Have a great week y'all!

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  1. those pictures were gorgeous! I especially love the GG bridge ones.