Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a Week.....

I've got ahead of me!  Whew, I'm tired just thinkin about it!
oh wait, it's Wed. the week is halfway over.
First, let me show you what I stole from my friend Slim Paley
this is so seriously me.
I crash about 9:30 and get up usually around 4:30.  This morning it was 4:00
BTW check out Slim's new blog. She just redesigned it and it looks mavalous.
She's my idol.
hehe.  I was sittin in the nail salon the other day gettin a mani-pedi and there she popped up on TV.
Lookin all glamerous and stuff.
anyway,,,,,back to my week.
First of all, this a.m. I am prepping a MAJOR canvas for a VERY large painting.
(hey Susan)!  Didn't get to it yesterday, but today's the day.
Have another commission on the working table and just finished two others.
If you have a commission in mind for Christmas, hurry and order as my days are really getting busy.
SO, packing nighmare.
I leave today to go to Birmingham.
Spend the night there and get up early to drive to Collierville, Tennessee.
FABULOUS Art Show that I am involved with
St. George's Independant School in Collierville
It is a MUST GO TO event.
So really, really wonderful artists will be attending and selling their wonderful art.
It will be next weekend (not this weekend)
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Then, I zip back to Birmingham, and on to New Orleans on Friday
Callen and Houston (and I think Gregory) will be running in the half marathon down there on Saturday.
We did this with the whole family (we will all be there this year too!) and it was SOOOOOO much fun!!!
This year will be partifularly exciting because Callen will have wonderful Houston to run with her.
Have I mentioned how much I love that guy.
insert pic of the beautiful couple (I know she's my daughter, but....she has great taste in men)
and...he's just an all around GREAT guy!
 so then back to Atlanta for a week and then back to Collierville for the actual art sale.
Come one, come all!!! I would love to see your face!!!
I have all new art, and if I must say myself.
It's good ya'll!
oh wait!!! Since it's going to be a bit chilly in NO, I decided to do a little shopping....
love the coat I found!!!
idn't that adorable????
have a wonderful day ya'll!!!!

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  1. yay! i am so excited about my art. thanks for the shout out. have safe travels and hope the art show goes well. beautiful couple.