Monday, October 22, 2012

Lovin Abstracts.....

You know one of my good friends commented that my abstract "Moving Heaven and Earth" needed it's own blog!
I agree!
I happen to love this piece.  So much that I painted two smaller pieces to compliment it.
Abstracts are funny.
Ya know they are really hard to paint!  How many times have you seen an abstract and said "oh even "I" could paint that!!!  I've done it time and time again.
not so sista
 I try and it turns into a disaster.
Better just to start from scratch and feel your way through it.
That's what I did with "Moving Heaven and Earth"
 30 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
price upon request
"One Fine Day I and II"
mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
both 11 x 14
price upon request
Have a wonderful Monday y'all!!!!


  1. The two smaller ones are strong pieces as well. You are on a roll. (I hope I get to see these paintings before they get snapped up!)

  2. Kendal I ve you Picture. You a a new follower from Chile

  3. Love all your work! You are a very talented artist.Just remember if you get Painter's block again. Just listen to some good music....; )