Friday, October 12, 2012

Have You Ever.......

been stuck on an elevator?????
Ya know, it's just something I've never thought about to tell you the truth.
So, I had a wonderful day at Scotts.  Fought the horrendous traffic going home and was planning to have a nice relaxing dinner with Elizabeth.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and we had some catchin up to do.  I got to the condo about 6:15.  I immediately took Cooper out to potty.
In the condo you have to take your dogs down the freight elevator.
So, he did his business and back up the elevator we went.
We get to my floor and the door WILL NOT open. yup.
I'm like....okay.....surely this is going to open soon.  Maybe "W" is playing some mean joke on me and all of my friends that I've ever had are going to be waiting outside the elevator to yell surprise!
Wait!  It's not my birthday!
I look at Cooper and he looks back at me.  The door will not open.  WE are stuck in a 5 x 7 freight elevator.
10 minutes pass.  I decide to ring the emergency button. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  No response.  20 minutes pass.  I'm startin to get a little nervous.  I mean seriously, what if this thing comes un jarred and we fall to our death?  What do you do?  Do you jump when you think your gonna hit rock bottom?
What if I am here for days and get dehydrated and have to drink my pee?
YIKES, I'm starting to get really nervous.
30 minutes.....I ring the bell over and over and over again.  NO answer.  So, I decided to use the emergency phone.  I calmly tell the sweet lady my situation.  She tells me to hold down the open button for 10 seconds.  I do.  Nothing. erg.
She calls the concierge at the front desk of the condo.  Up she comes to talk to me.
Mrs. Boggs?  Are you in there?  yep, I respond.  "Okay, we're gonna try to get you outta there okay?"
It will be about 15 to 20 minutes.  And if they aren't here by then we are gonna call 911.
Oh, I forgot to tell you I don't have my phone.
Or food.
So, I told her to call "W" and tell him what had happened and for him to call Elizabeth who by now was probably wondering where I was.  
So, Cooper and I sit down.  
I'm pretty sure I ruined Eva Cassidy's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" over and over.
It's amazing what you think of and what you do when you're stuck in an elevator.
I thought,,,,,this is going to make great blog material.
I counted the tiles on the floor - 48 of them.
I looked up at the trap door in the ceiling and thought, are they going to get me out that way?  Cause I know my fat but ain't fittin through that space.
Up comes the concierge.....7:30.  I have now been in that elevator for 1 hr. and 10 minutes.
"Mrs. Boggs, are you in there?" (I briefly thought about not answering) "it's going to be another 15 - 20 minutes, they're on their way!"  I look at Cooper and say "it's a damn good thing I'm not having a panic attack."  I actually felt angel wings on my shoulders.
So, then "W" gets there. WOW, he has my back sweet thing.  He said "Kendall, are you in there?"
Where in the Hell does anyone think I'm going?  I said uh yep.  Cooper and I are just in here hangin out. Thank goodness I had already taken him out.  Whew, and I'm REALLY glad he didn't have gas.
"W" says, okay, I'm gonna get you outta there.  Well, he goes down stairs and goes ballistic.
The concierge keeps saying they're right around the corner!  He was like, GET HER OUT OF THERE NOW!!!!!!
I have now been in that elevator for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Seriously.
I hear something.  OH pa-lease let it be my rescuer.  AND make him really cute.
It was.  The elevator was stuck right before it got to my floor so I had to step up to get out.  Making it even more exciting!
And.....he was cute.....
Have a great day y'all!
Come see me at Scott's!!!!
South Building L-10
sweet Coop.


  1. Almost 2 hours stuck in an elevator!?!? You definitely must have had some calming angels hanging out with you cause I would have been freaking out. Glad you finally got out!

  2. Kendall, I am so sorry you were stuck for so long.....but you made me laugh out loud so many times. You took your experience like a trooper! So glad you are outta there. Bet you make "W" take Cooper out from now on!