Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Special Day.....

Today is a special day.
It started as just another day.
I woke up, got my coffee, crawled back into bed to check my e-mails and see what social media had to offer....
and then I saw it.
Happy Birthday Mom.
Written on my brother's FB wall.

My mom would have been 77 today.
The pang hit me.
A beautiful soul taken away way to soon.

Those of you who have read my blog for a while probably followed the course of her illness.
Y'all, it was horrible.
I look back, and ya know I think we all do this, but we look back on really trying times and wonder how in the world did we do it!
God gave us so much strength during that time.
and I always wonder.  Would I have that strength again if I need it?
It's kind of an out of body experience thing.
I do know this.  
I will think long and hard before having any surgeries.
Unless they are absolutely necessary.  

So many of us are in situations where we are taking care of our parents, sometimes our children, and even our grandchildren.
Either financially or medically.
It's tough out there but it's such a rewarding adventure.
you WILL look back on this time and wonder how you did it.
Something just takes over in your body.  It's weird.

I want to encourage you today to tell your mom how much you love her.
Moms are such a special breed.
Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. May you find peace and comfort knowing that your Mom is in such a better place. I reach out to you today, this day, February 7th, the day my Dad passed away from lung cancer eight years ago. I too know the strength you receive from God during such a difficult time when a loved one experiences such pain. They both are with us though each and every day...still.

  2. Does it ever get any better? Today marks 2 weeks from when my mom was taken from me. Yes, 2 weeks ago, I lost my mom...she was only 55 and it was oh-so-very sudden. It seems like each day is getting worse! is that normal for now? I am sure everyone goes through this when they lose a loved one, but all I want is one more conversation, one more chance for her to talk to my little girl. The permanency of all of this is just now starting to set in and it's so hard. Anyways, while it was certainly very sad for me to read your post today, I am glad I did. I know it will be hard when my mom's birthday approaches in August (especially because I am due with baby number 2 right around that same time). I hope your day has been ok. Thanks for writing. -Rikki

  3. oh Rikki! I am so so very sorry. It does get better. I think it is especially hard when they go so fast. My prayers are with you sweet girl. 55 is way too young. Just so sorry.