Monday, February 4, 2013

Google It!!!

So, I meant to write this blog like a month ago, but as you know, I haven't been blogging much because I have been so darn busy!
I hate to complain, but, really?  I totally HATE moving with a passion.
February 18th WILL get here eventually.  I just know it.

Okay, about the blog I was gonna write.
"W" and I went to dinner about oh a month ago.
It was this place in Butthead....oops, I meant Buckhead right around the corner from us.
....known for the risque clothing that the waitresses wear. (and look great in BTW)
oh good grief.  Another slap on my self-esteem.
So, we walked in.  I think it was a Friday?
First thing I saw was 5 people sitting waiting for their table....Everyone of them texting on their cell phone.

So, we go in to the bar.
I comment that that place looked like a good "pick up" bar.
For both straight and gay people.
And they were young.  I was increasingly feeling older and older by the minute.  Understanding why you get to a point where you eat at Denny's or Red Lobster when you reach a certain age....
We found a seat at the bar.
oh, and did you know that in Atlanta, you can smoke in a bar????
yes, the girl right next to me lit up.
I looked around and do you know that everyone I saw was either talkin on or texting on their cell phone?
I look at "W" and yep, he's on his phone.
Our table is ready faster than normal.
We go into the other side and it was like dwarfing into a whole different space.
The waitresses were dressed in pants and were very plain.  Families were sitting eating.  Business men (I guess they got their kick over at the bar first)
Everyone there, and I mean everyone had their cellphones on the table.  
I commented to "W" that something was just wrong with this picture.
I personally go (internally) crazy when someone brings a phone to the table.
Then the guy at the table next to me blows his foghorn nose at the table.
A friend of mine put a guideline on cellphone etiquette on FB the other day and I thought it was genius!  I said cellphones should come with an etiquette  guide.  It's the truth y'all!
So "W" and I start talking while we were waiting on our meal.  We were talkin about weddings for some reason.
Our conversation goes something like this:
oh, and I am just gonna leave out the parenthesis, because they're a pain to type....
Okay, it goes something like this....
Me...Do you know anyone who has gotten married in Las Vegas?, I don't know anyone.
I start talking about the movie What Happens in Vegas.  You know the one with Cameron Dias?
I couldn't remember her name.  So, I said You know, the one with that tall beautiful blonde girl?
he says, oh yeah, the one that played in that movie,  oh you know with what's his name?
you know where the plane crashes?
I say,  no that's not her, that's another blonde girl.  And what is his name?  you know, he played in all those movies where they go hunt for treasures?
oh, who is that beautiful blonde girl?  one thing I knew for sure that she was NOT the one that played in the movie where the plane crashed.  I said, W.  I know THAT is not the same blonde girl.  THAT girl was in a relationship with Ellen Deginerus (Misspelled, I'm sure!) years ago and they broke up and now Ellen is with some beautiful model.
He disagreed.  I bet him 1,000.00 it was not the same girl.
His cell phone was on the table.  It was a stand off.
I said, Okay, we are googling it.
So, I got my cellphone out and we had a google fest.  
Yep, right there at the table.
It is amazing what you can do with google.  I am total goggle-aholic.  Use it for everything.
so he googles.  Girl in relationship with Ellen.
There she was.
Anne Heche.
I won!
But, who was the beautiful blonde girl in What happens in Vegas, you know the movie with the guy who was married to what's that girls name?  you know, she used to be married to Bruce Willis and has 3 girls?
So, we google her.  Pretty soon we are like everyone else in the restaurant....
on our cell phones.
(and, I was now wondering if their face to face conversation had started with simple jabber and turned into goggling)
oh good grief!
Demi Moore.  Married to Bruce Willis.
So we google...but by then we couldn't remember the name of the movie What Happens in Vegas!
So we just google "Vegas"
Up pops the movie!
and her name.
Which I have now forgotten.....
I can see her face as plain as day!
Dang, it sucks gettin old....
I'm going to have to get off now so I can once again google that movie.....

Have a great day y'all!
by the way, I am implementing a new dinner table rule.  When you eat with me, cellphones go in the middle of the table.  Whomever picks their phone up first, has to pay the bill
(stolen from a FB friend.)

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