Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Dinner....The Recipe...

Today starts the final move.
I am in MAJOR "geterdune"mode.
Been there before?
You know, when something takes over your body and you don't think about what's going on, you just doit?
That's where I am.
Okay, since I really don't have anything to talk about this a.m., I am going to post the recipes of Valentines Day!
Sorry I didn't do that before...
Here we go.

Mini Beef Wellington
Serves 8

Whole tenderloin trimmed and cut into 8 fillets
(have your butcher grind the leftovers into ground beef)
Gorgonzola cheese
green tailed onions
Puff Pastry (unthawed)

Brown the fillets in butter until brown on both sides.  Remove from pan and pat dry.
Cut puff pastry into four squares

Saute chopped green onions and chopped mushrooms in butter and garlic until soft.
Put about a tbsp. of mushroom mix and Gorgonzola cheese in the middle of each square of puff pastry.
Now put a fillet in each square.
Wrap the dough around the fillet and smooth the dough out until it is completely wrapping the meat.
Brush the top with egg wash.
(you can also add something like a heart or whatever you would like!)
Cook at 400 for 30 minutes.
Note:  After browning the meat, it will continue to cook.
If you want your meat med. rare, this needs to be a fast process.
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Trim ends off asparagus
Bundle four together
Drizzle with olive oil, a little garlic powder and sea salt
Tie a piece of Boars Head bacon around it
Cook for 20 minutes or until bacon is done to your liking
at 400.
Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Boil small red potatoes until done
Using a potato masher, mash just until potatoes are broken
Add one stick of butter and three gloves of smashed garlic
Mix well.  If you want it a little softer, add a little milk
Add sea salt and pepper

Well there ya have it y'all!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yum!! All looks delicious Kendall! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Try it!!! you'll like it!!! Thanks Kath!