Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a Day...

Okay, so I got up...the new me.  Ready to face the day with vigor and anticipation.
Completely cleaned the house, and got ready to meet "E" at The Goat Farm Art Center.
Where we were going to look at art studios.
I love her.
She is just always willing to go and do with me.
I have to say though, I was really disappointed.
What I thought would be the perfect place for me to rent studio space was not what I was expecting at all.
I wanted old and rustic and industrial looking, but y'all.
here are some pics.

Probably a little "too" old and cold for me.  And the studios that they had available either didn't have a window ( a big noooo) or they were too large.
So, on to Bennett Street today to look at space.
I may just stay put in the condo and paint here.
then someone was coming to get an armoire that I was giving away.  Just wanted it outta here.
There were three women moving a MAJOR heavy piece.  With no handtruck.  It was quite comical.
Injury occurred.  Look away if you don't want to see my thumb.  All I know, is I'm lucky to still have one.
yes, it hurt.  9 stitches later and almost passing out I made it to the ER where they took wonderful care of me.  (and the doctor was cute!)
Hopefully it will heal fine and won't impare my painting abilities.
Which, I finished before the accident.
By the way,,,women don't need to move furniture.
just sayin,
So,  here is the latest!
"Angel Faces"
15 x 30 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
325.00 for more information
have a fabulous day y'all!'

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  1. Oh, Kendall, I hope your thumb heals soon! I can't see any artist working in a place that depresses them. I hope you find some place with light and surrounded by things you love. Good luck on your adventure.