Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glamour Don't!

Have you seen the spring/summer 2013 fashions this year?
Seriously y'all.
I know that runway doesn't usually make it to every day living, but come on, this is just down right ridiculous. 
I can only guess that the designer's have a bad case of "designer's block"
a little like mine.
Which by the way, I still have.
It WILL be over by next week.
So, as I am looking through the designs, gaging I might add, I found a few particularly bad items.

 hum.  don't have the words.
 Who wants to look like a zebra?  oh, and that zip skirt.....
 all this movement is making me dizzy!
 Check out this purple thing.  She is stick thin and still looks like an apple shape.
 We're off to see the wizard.  The tin man needs a heart.
 Somebody raided the drapery.
 okee dokey
I think I saw these two begging on the streets of Atlanta.
 the only thing I found that I liked!  This orange number was okay.

Where WILL we go shopping this spring?
have a great day y'all!

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