Monday, November 11, 2013

Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.
I love every part about it, from the planning, cooking, eating, cleaning up (hum), 
football watchin, eating again, naps, seeing family.
the only thing I don't like about Thanksgiving?
 leaving family for shopping.
I don't like crowds ATALL and I can't stand the commercialism of the holidays.

So.... every year sister and I do a big Thanksgiving feast!
I used to do it at the lake, but after mother got sick we moved it to Birmingham.
We always do it outside and luckily the weather has held out for the past 3 years!

Sister lets me decorate and actually lets me do all the cooking.
Because I like to!
The kids all pitch in and help with the decorating.
The guys move all the furniture around.
We have about 30 every year.
It's wonderful seeing everyone.
I love family...
so, I went to Pinterest to get some new ideas for this year's Thanksgiving!

my house/my goose

i am....

have a great day y'all!


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