Friday, November 1, 2013

Wait, Is it REALLY November?

It just hit me like a tonabricks.
We have FOUR months until the wedding!
I'm serious!
Wait, wasn't yesterday Halloween?
one of my favorite days of the year and I didn't even blog!
 my lil trick or treaters

next year I'm going to be a house with legs sticking out.  Just like these.

how to make a cute Halloween bucket.
Go to Target, buy a 1.00 pumpkin bucket.
Draw the names on the back with a thick sharpie, add little white dots of paint.
Decorate the girl buckets with a large hair bow.

 stolen from my friend Jill's FB page.  Serious trick or treaten goin on at her house.

 usually how the mom feels about her kids after a night of trick or treating.

designer Halloweener

I really wanted to make these but ran out of time.
Pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate

I really don't know what to say except love.

the best yard ever!!!

and finally, the perfect Halloween food!!!

Hope yours was wonderful!!!

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