Friday, November 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday!!! The Dreaded Men's Gift Guide...

Is it as difficult for you as it is for me?
Buying for men that is.
Why is it that they never want anything?
Unless it's of course planes, boats and cars.
I have always said that if someone would just come up with a business of JUST men's gift ideas they would make a fortune.

First up?

Tumi Luggage

what guy wouldn't want BCS championship tickets?

for the guy that writes that ever so important note.

for the bourbon lover

I really want to get this for W for Christmas.
But, it is too expensive,,,and it would take up too much space

"Missing Bear"
by me!
Signed and numbered lithograph (unframed)

Ray Bans

wrap his gift in REAL money...
note:  this is actual real money that you can use!  Do not tear it up!!!

a bullet pen

Camo glasses...

that do this...

Some lucky guy could get this
1st edition "Authors" copy of 1965 The James Bond Dossier
a mere 6,500 smackers

and he could smoke a good Maker's Mark cigar while reading over it.
or just looking at it.

love these.

W loves these.  That is a bottle opener on the sole of that sandal...

for that sexy he man chef.

and finally. Every man needs a pocket knife.
Every man.

have a fabulous day y'all!!!

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