Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday....How's that wedding goin?

I'll admit it.
I'm a little behind.
Like two months behind...
I am literally just now getting the Save the Dates out.
2 months late.
I will say however, that we used to not even send those things out!
It is a great idea though especially when you have a March 8th wedding!
Spring break may interfere with the big day.
the first thing we did was meet with a graphic designer/calligrapher.
It got my sweet third child going in a certain direction.

So, back to the Save the Dates.

They wanted simple, elegant.
No picture, just pure simpleness.
I wish I could show you the STDs because they are beautiful!
but, since I am just now getting them out, I can't spoil the surprise!
I did however go to the ole Pinterest board and see what I could find for other STD examples.
Some really clever!
and, nothing like ours at all.
(which is a good thing)

next week?
Flower girl dresses.

have a great day y'all!


  1. My daughter decided not to do the Save the Date as both sides of the families are in contact with all the wedding guests.
    Margaret L

  2. I just had to tell you about this girl that did the best Christmas invitations for a party Kristy is doing. It's from an Etsy shop called Grey Snail Press and she does had printed calligraphy. The link is Just thought he had really fun cards. Hope it's all going well!!