Saturday, November 16, 2013

______________of the Month Clubs!!!

Are you a fan of them?
W and I are big time.
Well maybe not "jelly of the month" club

we love to give the gift "that keeps on givin"

So, I searched the Internet and found the best sources for the month to month clubs.

Some of these I've actually used and some I plan to use.

Bacon of the month club...
yes, this is actually a club.
and I personally know a lot of folks who would love this!
mainly FB friends.
What is it about bacon these days anyway???

I love this!  Every month you get a box full of Georgia crafted items!!!  Every month is a surprise!

for the cheese love (like me)

or the beer lover (like me)

or the chocolate lover (like me)

or the dog lover (yes, like me)

or the olive oil lover (you guessed it, like me)

ugh, yep. for the wine lover

If you love a great steak, look NO further than
Now.  I'm serious about this y'all.
DONOT give Omaha Steaks or anything like those others.  ONLY give Lobels.

and finally my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

have a wonderful Saturday y'all!!!

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