Friday, November 15, 2013

"Fabulous Friday- A Holiday Gift Guide"...First up Grown Daughters

Here it is November 15 and I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts!
I will have to admit that's a first for me,
Not a fan of December.
I don't like the crowds, I can't take the traffic, and the commercialism,,,well it drives me freakin nuts!
I'm usually so so busy in December that I develop something that I call
"Stress Sickness"
it's an upper respiratory infection flanked with a horrible case of laryngitis.
Annoying as all get out.
To everyone around me.

WOW, don't I sound like a ray of sunshine this morning???

Okay, so I decided to start another series called "Fabulous Friday-A Holiday Gift Guide!"
This is to help you [and me] with gift ideas this year.
Every Friday I'll scour the Internet and find interesting and unique gifts!
Hopefully a little different, because I don't like to do anything like anyone else.
I'm just sayin...

First up?
Those Grown Daughters.
if your grown daughter is like mine, she started making her Christmas list last month.
I actually love this about her, because not only does she love to receive, she loves to give.
Actually all of my kids love to give.
They really think through their gifts.
Like crazy!

sorry I got off track.
back to the gift guide!

Kate Spade

Lulu Lemon

Tory Burch

the BEST body scrub ever made.  I'm serious about this
and it's packaged beautifully!

Seda France (candle fragrance - Japanese Quince)






Hunter Boots (size 8 please)

Hunter boot liners


Ray Bans

must have...Bed Bath and Beyond
(to teach them not to mess up their washcloths)




My sweet future SIL gave me this last year and I swear I use it EVERY single day
Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

After about 5 years of marriage, towels usually need to be changed.

love this!!!

Kind of stupid, but a great idea!!!
Made for TV

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

and if you have an extra 450.00 laying around,,,
Louis Vuitton

Have a great day y'all!!!
next Friday?
hard to buy for MEN!

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