Monday, November 4, 2013

A Photography Session!!!

When Michael J. Moore contacted me and asked me if he could shoot me in my art studio I was elated!.
Sure!!!  I can do that!
WOW.  A BIG time fashion photographer wanting to shoot ME?
EGO boost.
Well, we set it up for Monday.
Michael J. Moore is a very well known fashion and portrait photographer.
Shoots people all over the world.
Quite frankly, he's amazing.
I mean really, really amazing.
I quickly called my friend Elizabeth and asked her if she would photograph Michael photographing me.
She said sure!

Now, this was not a fashion shoot in case you're wondering.
This is for a personal project of his called "Creative Spaces"
Slated to be a table top book.
Y'all, this will be really cool.
He is photographing creative people all over the world in their "comfortable, creative" spaces.
Where they create.
his work is uber amazing.

So.  here's lil ole 54 year old me.
used to be not too hard on the eyes.
thinkin, hum. I can do this.

click. click.
I look at his computer screen.
when did those wrinkles get there and how did I miss them?
and that double chin.
and...has my face ALWAYS been that crooked?
oh, and I am seriously in need of an eye lift....
and then it hit me....
yep, lil ole 54 yr. old me.
that's me.
that's me that that camera took a picture of.
all those wrinkles, that double chin, those saggy eyes.
I  earned every single bit of that.
Do I like it?
no, I don't.
that's the perfectionist in me.
But, it's me.
It's who I am right now!
I'm stinkin 54 years old!
But, that's not what this photo shoot was all about.
It's about showing people what creative life is all about.
Bringing out the inner person.
Showing who you are on the inside and what you are doing with your God given talent.
That's the really, really cool thing about photography and the story it can tell.

At lunch I asked Michael if he would rather shoot a 20 year old fashion model or a 99 year old man.
His answer?
You can look in the eyes of a 99 year old man and his eyes tell a story.
You don't neccessarily get that with a 20 year old model.
The camera captures the eyes of the soul.
It's like a huge magnifying glass looking through your life's story.
and then it hit me.
Those wrinkles and double chin that showed up on that computer screen?
that's me.
It's just simply me.
Do I want him to photoshop me?

Michael doing what he does best.

Thank you E for taking these awesome photos!!!
Michael will be shooting creative people all over the country!
Stay tuned for more of his work!!!


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