Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Y'all!!!

Today starts 2014!
How you feeling?
BTW, if you happen to have a hangover, try this.
No, I'm serious!
I've tried it and it works!
Drink you some pickle juice.

Okay, welcome to the new year!!
It feels so good to throw out the old and bring in the new doesn't it?

Today starts the countdown of the wedding.
We have exactly 66 days.
That would be a major Y.I.K.E.S.

Today starts my day of resolutions.

"W" and I decided to head down to the beach this past weekend for a little getaway.
Much needed.
We decided to stay at Watercolor Inn and Resort down in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on the Florida Panhandle.
While the view from our room was wonderful

We were both terribly disappointed with the Watercolor Inn and Resort.
Rooms needed updating.  A huge shower with very little water pressure meant you had to jump around to find the water.
getting in to a large shower with little water pressure meant freezing cold!
The room had this teeny, tiny TV perfectly placed in an old style huge cabinet which made for difficult football watching.

Also, while the staff was nice and all, the professionalism lacked terribly.
Dressed really sloppy.
We were so disappointed that we tried to check out one night early and head down to The Pearl at Rosemary Beach.
they didn't answer their phone.
movin on.
I'm going to cut everyone some slack down there as I realize it is off season.
You know, don't charge outrageous prices even on off season if you aren't going to offer wonderful services.
We ended up deciding to leave a day early because we both got kind of anxious about starting off our New Year at home where we could start organizing our lives.
But, on our way out we decided to drive down 98 to Rosemary Beach.

 How pleasantly surprised we were to see what we thought was headed for doom, starting to thrive!

On the way down to Rosemary Beach, you drive through one of the most beautiful places in the world in my humble opinion.
All white.
Aly's Beach.

I will tell you my pictures do not give this resort justice.

plus, the cloudy weather made everything look a little gloomy.

A year ago, I thought this lovely little concept in North Florida was doomed to be an eyesore for a nice drive from Seaside to Rosemary Beach

I'm guessing a developer has bought up the area and started gangbusters with the development.  The architecture is truly some of the best I've seen.

Even though there is construction everywhere, it is easy to see how amazing these buildings will one day be.

Stunning suspended stairway leading up to the tower viewing area.
Very, Italian, very artsy.
It speaks to me.

Hoping they will not overcrowd this area like they love to do all the others down there in North Florida!

Anyway, today?
back to work
New bottles for grace 11:11

Again y'all!
Happy New Year!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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