Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How's That NY Resolution Goin?

I am pleased to announce that I've only cheated ONCE in the last 7 days!!!
That was Saturday night when we went to a friend's house for dinner.
I couldn't help myself
I know you won't tell.

Last night I started my first class at Pure Hell Barre.
First of all...let me tell ya.
I haven't formally exercised in a really long time.  Well, goodness, I don't think I've done an exercise "class" in at least 6 years.
I'm serious y'all.
Except for tennis, I've totally let myself go.
And I'm not one of those "walkers" like my friends Connie and Barbara.
aka....fastest walkers in the world.
Seriously?  They leave me in their dust.
Anyway, I took the plunge and went to Pure Barre last night.
I walk in to a class of about 30 - 30 somethins.
Okay.  How do 30 something afford this?
At 23.00 per class it ain't cheap.
That was my first irritation.
My second irritation was that I was AT LEAST 20 lbs heavier than anyone in the class.
And 20 + years older.
Maybe 25.

Third irritation?
I didn't have the "signature" black traction socks.
Or tight yoga pants.
I looked totally ridiculous.
In my wide-legged Target "work out" pants and BRIGHTWHITESOCKS.
I haven't gravitated to Lulu yet.

Okay, so I went in and found all the necessary paraphernalia.

To promptly insure that I would not be able to get out of bed this morning.
First up?

Stomach exercises.  And it started out really fast.
I was like
I mean, I could not even do a sit up.
I'm thinking. 
Is this going to get better?  Cause I surely hope so.
We gravitated to arms/legs/more core/stretching.

When we finished, this sweet young girl next to me looked at me and said "it WILL get better"
"Pure Barre has changed my life."

I can only hope.
As I was walking out one of those 30 somphins gave me this "poor you" look.
I wanted to slap her.
I'm rating about a 6 this a.m.

Have a great day y'all!!!
stay warm!!!


  1. I agree it is expensive!! I got a membership from Santa (my mom) last year, otherwise this 30-something couldn't afford it. It is 3x what a membership to the Y cost - and there is no childcare. I used to go a lot, but then they changed the schedule & the times aren't nearly as convenient. I do like the workout (our studio is actually barre amped, but same concept), but think when my membership expires that I'll join somewhere else :)

  2. Kendall, This made e laugh a little but I totally understand how you feel. I'm 54 and I ask my body to do things .. and it tells me "no thank you". I've yet to try this workout but I DO take other studio classes. Hopefully you will enjoy this over time and look forward to your workouts.

    I received the Grace 11:11 bottle and it's lovely:) Thank you so much.

    I hope you pop over to visit my blog. I'm talking about (easy) tips to get us back on track during the month of January.

    Enjoy your day! xxleslie