Thursday, January 30, 2014

"What Went Wrong"?

I am just blown away by the amount of "Monday Morning Quarterbacking"
that is going on down here in the south.
The press conferences are quite frankly painful to watch.
The reporters are like bulldogs with the officials.

I know you folks up north and in the Midwest are laughing your butts off at us down South not being able to handle "a little" ice.
What went wrong?

Well, these are the facts:
"we in the South get criticized if we OVER react and get criticized if we UNDER react"

1) the weather reporters GOT IT WRONG
2) the weather came in really, really fast
3) everyone left to go home at the same time
4) the school officials relied on others to make the decisions to close schools
5) it was not just a little ice, it was ALOT of ice.
6) no one could drive in one.
7) we simply don't have the equipment to handle a storm of this magnitude, since it only happens once in a decade.
8) NO ONE has a crystal ball

These are also the facts:

I have seen so many RAK (random acts of kindness) that I am bursting with pride at being a Southerner.
People have opened their homes to strangers, organized warming centers, gotten on their own "gators" to rescue people in sub zero temps.
There were even two guys who got out in it with Hot Chocolate and went car to car handing it out!

I am proud of my Southern roots.

Where do we go from here?
Well, everything is probably going to be closed today still.
Roads are still extremely dangerous and really stranded cars are everywhere.
Tractor trailers (a HUGE part of the problem here) are still stranded everywhere on our interstates blocking roads.
We just need to have a meltdown.
or.  just relax and have fun on your day off!



I believe people need to just "get stuff done" and then we can break it down and see how better to fix what went wrong.
Monday morning quarterbacking is just anti-productive at this point.

Again, I am proud of my Southern roots!

have a great day y'all!

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