Monday, January 20, 2014

Trinity Spotlight on Art

February 3 starts one of the finest art shows in the Southeast.

Trinity Spotlight on Art
over 350 artist!

I cannot tell you how many artists have been "discovered" at this coveted event.

I am happy, happy, happy to be one of the artist to participate!
They have something for everyone.
Art in all mediums, jewelry, sculptures, house hold items, garden art and yes even these!
(new to SOA this year)
Grace 11:11

some of my other favorites include!

Steve Penley

Mark Boomershine

Laura Fontaine

Laura Fontaine

Lisa Moore

Jenny Everett Schultz

Kim Schuessler

Kim Schuessler

Amy Duke

Melissa Payne Baker

Vicky Deneburg

and finally!

Kendall Boggs Fine Art

Come see us at Trinity Spotlight on Art!

February 3 - 8,  2014

Monday, Feb 3:  6 - 9 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 4 - Thursday, Feb. 6:  8 AM - 4 PM
Friday, Feb 7:  8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday, Feb. 8:  10 AM - 6 PM

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  1. Fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this! See you in just a few short days!