Sunday, January 12, 2014

Please Pass the Purple?

Every year Pantone gets their team of designers together to designate a "color of the year"
and that is what makes the color trends go bonkers.


are you ready for purple?
I'll be the first to admit, I don't think I can go there yet.
Purple is...well...purple.
not blue, not pink.
just purple.

We had a purple room in the 90's.
Well, it was really eggplant, and it was really gorgeous.
Eggplant walls, eggplant sofas, then mix it with some gold.
so 90's.
But, this is 2014 and times are a changin!
but for the better?

The color is actually Radiant Orchid to be exact.

Well, robin's egg blue has just about run it's course in my humble opinion.  Although it is still readily used by adding pops of color to it.  Try orange for a little lift to your robin's egg and white room.
Add some abstract art.

Melissa Payne Baker

Go see my buddy and fellow artist Melissa Payne Baker for any of your abstract needs.
The Atlanta "queen" of abstract!

okay, back to purple.
so, do I dare endorse this color?
If I must.
Do I dare paint this color?
We'll see.

uber cool rare amethyst apothecary bottles
Brazilian natural agate slice

Got purple?

have a great day y'all!
Last day for Scott's is TODAY!!!
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  1. Hmm, yeah I'm not sure I can get on board with that particular shade. I'm not a huge purple fan, but if at all, I really like deep purple hues. And I might still be holding on to the teal/robin's egg blue fad ;)