Friday, January 3, 2014

The Big Chandelier

One of my very favorite places to visit in Atlanta is 
The Big Chandelier

If you are looking for unique, refurbished, antique lighting,
these guys are your guys.

Totally beautiful.
The owners Jack and Ellen Prestia are some of the nicest people to deal with.
and if you are looking to refurbish a piece of lighting in your home?
Well, go here.
They can literally turn anything into a light fixture.
or fix any lighting
or add anything to anything.

Jack travels to France an Belgium many times a year to shoppe for unique lighting pieces.
Sometimes he finds old iron to turn into lighting.
or just unique pieces of lighting.
like this beauty

stunning, isn't she?
a close up shot.

over your kitchen island?
so "beau"
(I'm thinking I would have to name this piece)
*please forgive the quality of my photos in this blog.
forgot my camera.
and it's kind of hard to take pictures of lighting.
especially with an iPhone.
you get the picture right?

when we were building our lake house, The Big Chandelier is where I went for our lighting.
I had such a hard time finding what I wanted because I wanted unique.  and not new.

these are all one of a kind pieces.


 one of Ellen's favorite pieces.


 snow shoe sconces

Go visit my friends over at The Big Chandelier!
Atlanta, Ga.

on to a few other things.
Grace 11:11 now has her own blog!
Now you can see bottles that are available along with sizes and prices.

Still working on the website, but it should be up and running soon!!!

in the meantime, I have had many inquiries about including Grace 11:11 in art shows all over the south.
Please contact me at if you are interested in including my new line of bottles.

I have limited spaces still available for the 2014 art season.

Have a great day y'all!


  1. Just checked out your new website. Your bottle collection is beautiful! There were several pieces that I LOVED! Best wishes for continued success on your newest endeavor!

  2. What an amazing place. We are so big on light fixtures and I think they are so statement making in any room - loved buying them for the beach house, Happy weekend!!