Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Interesting Night....and....How to Tell a Bedtime Story

Okay, so W and I decided to go to Bham this weekend to take care of the g-kids.
We were having serious g-kids withdrawals.
And J wanted to spend time with some friends in Nashville.
We headed out of Atlanta around 3:30.

Now.  If you live in Atlanta you know that you absolutely MUST be on the road by 3:20 if you want to get out of town.  If it's raining, then it must be 3:00.
At 3:10 W gets home (he was late) and we jump in my car.
Innocently I say....
We have no gas.
SO, one delay.
and, it was raining.
Y'all, it took us almost 4 1/2 hours to get to B'ham which is typically a 2 1/2 hr. drive.
My husband was SO frustrated.
and I was SO tired after an extremely tiring week.
But what is so interesting about that?
I don't know.
I'm just up at 4 a.m. and I don't have anything more interesting to write about.
I did, however, find it funny that my husband.  CEO of a company of thousands was TOTALLY, I mean seriously, totally discombobulated and freaking out about what his grand kids were going to eat for dinner.
Y'all.  I mean I'm serious.  I must have thrown out 15 different ideas.
no really.  What the what is so difficult about feeding a 5, 3, and 2 yr. old dinner?
Well, what had happened was, we were running late.  So I called sister to go keep the kids so J could get on the road.  Sister came over and we did not get there until 6:30.  The kids eat at 6 every night.  Then it's pretty much bedtime.  We wanted to take them out.  We went back and forth about really 6 or 7 times about what to do.  Okay, I'm 54 and he's 58.  I don't really understand what our problem was.
I finally said. "We are GOING through Mickey D's to get the kids chicken fingers and then YOU are going to go pick up something good for US to eat and WE are going to eat it after the kids go to bed"
And that's what we did.
don't tell the mom.
So, we let Evers stay up until 8:30.  (again, don't tell the mom).  and we let B sleep with W and Evers slept with me.
I lie down in the bed with her (which was my favorite time with my grandmother) and Evers wanted me to tell her a bedtime story.
Well, like any 5 yr. old little girl, she is a mermaid lover.
I was too.
I really thought that when I grew up I would be a mermaid.
No, I was sure of it.  It consummed my life as a 5 yr. old.
So, I decided to tell her the story of a mermaid.
My own, made up mermaid story.
About Cleopatra, the Mermaid.

It goes something like this.
There once was a beautiful mermaid named Cleopatra (but we shortened it to Cleo for fun)
Cleo lived deep in the ocean.  She had the most beautiful black hair, sparkling white teeth and crystal blue eyes.  She wore an aqua mermaid suit laced with diamonds.  Cleo, was every little girls dream and all the little mergirls always sat at Cleo's feet and Cleo told them stories of "Cat Island".
Cleo loved cats...(unlike the teller of this story)
and every now and then Cleo would swim up to the shore and play with her cats.  There were lots of cats on "Cat Island".
One day, a huge storm came and swept her cats out to sea.
She rescued them but was so exhausted that she passed out after getting them all safely back on the island.
Barely breathing, the prince of the island found her.
His name was "Catmando"
Now Catmando was not your typical prince.  Actually he was far from what everyone thinks a prince should look like.  He actually kind of looked like a cat.

He had squinty eyes and lots and lots of hair...all over his body.  His eyes were piercing however, and Cleo was instantly intrigued by the green in his eyes.
Catmando took one look at the lovely Cleopatra and knew in an instant that he loved her.  He nursed her back to life but knew that he had to let her go.  Her life was in the sea.
So one day, he decided he had to go find Cleo.
He had to leave his life at "Cat Island" and find his dream.  The love of his life.
But.  He was Cat like and couldn't swim!  And he didn't have fins like the other Mermen.
and, what would the other Merman's think of him?  Would they laugh at him?  When he found Cleo would she love him like he loved her?

He decided to go to the magical statue called "Frisky" on "Cat Island".
He had always heard about "Frisky", but had never seen it.  And really, he was a little skeptical about it really working.
The story went that if you could convince "Frisky" to raise her arms and sprinkle Frisky dander on you, then your wish would come true!
Catmando had one wish.  To become a Merman.
It was a long and hard journey to find "Frisky".  Catmando had to walk miles and miles up hills and through weeds.  He encountered many animals along the way.  Some he actually had to fight off to get up to the top of the hill where "Frisky" was.
When he finally reached the statue "Frisky" saw a torn, tattered, and exhausted soul.
She immediately raised her paws and sprinkled Frisky dander on the Prince.
She said "what ever wish you make will come true"
So, the prince made his way down to the shore.
He said his good byes to the cats on Cat Island.
He dove into the water and felt his legs turn to fins.
He went and found his precious Cleopatra.
She had been waiting for him and opened her arms to him!
All the little mergirls clapped their fins in delight!

Till this day you can see Catmando and Cleopatra swimming up to the shore of Cat Island and reading stories to the cats.
Every now and then they will take them a sea treat like "Chicken of the Sea".

and then we went to sleep.

have a great day y'all!

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