Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Bahamas....The Poop Deck!

It's not what you're thinking....
It's one of our favorite little places to eat in the Bahamas.
Y'all.  We have seriously been going here for about 30 years.
no joke.
So, off we went for our annual trip to The Poop Deck.
It truly is a must go to place when you visit Paradise Island or Nassau.

now for my lil photo album...

you just cannot even believe how much these two love each other.

I think they look a little bit alike too....

poor buddy, is here by himself.  His wonderful (and brilliant btw) wife is studying to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and it is crunch time back at the ranch.  We miss you sweet Ames! :(

one of my favorite son's in law...

so Bennett gives these hilarious faces and "Boo" imitates him all the time.

he gets those blue eyes from her.

"Sands" beer is the best!

It was SUCH a fun night....except for my disastrous visit to the casino...uh, lets just not talk about that....

Have a wonderful day y'all!!!!

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