Friday, July 18, 2014

Field Trip With Gigi....Oak Mountain

So, on Tuesday, "W" called me and said he had to catch a flight out to India that day.

So, I packed up and headed back to Birmingham.
What do I do when I'm in Birmingham?
Take the kids on field trips.

So, J called me yesterday morning and said "let's go to Oak Mountain to the petting farm and then do a picnic lunch"!  
and I'm all about a picnic.  and a petting farm.

um, get ready, photo overload...

I've never seen a goat jump on a horse....

so we were at the petting farm and met the worker named Ishmal.  I asked if they do rides and he said "sure, I'll saddle up a horse and the kids can ride!"
so we went over and let the kids ride the horses!
FUN, they had a blast!
(if you go, be sure and tip Ishmal.  What a sweet man!)

Evers loved Ishmal!

could possibly be my favorite picture I've ever taken.

um, I just couldn't decide which pic I liked better...

We had SO much fun!  For 6.00 this was a really fun day!!!

a "must do" if you go to Birmingham!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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