Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth Y'all!!!!!

I searched for the best 4th of July pic I could find.
I thought this was pretty cool.

Today, "W" and I are going to the lake.  To stay with our wonderful friends M and D.
I cannot wait to see their lake.  It is surrounded by beautiful, clear water and mountains.
Unfortunately I'm not quite ready to ride in a boat yet, but I will be able to relax!
I have slightly overdone it lately with my hip recovery and am feeling the side effects of that.
I'm fine, just need to listen to my body a little better and not lift heavy boxes like I have done while moving my studio.  It's been 6 weeks and I need to give it another 2 weeks.....Before I get on the tennis court :)

So, not to change the subject or anything, but I'm really in to corn this year.
Like craving it all the time.

Yesterday I went to my local vege truck guy down the street and bought 6 ears of silver queen corn. (my favorite)
I shucked it and cleaned it.
 then using a very sharp knife, I cut the kernels off the cob.  Like this:

I drizzled some olive oil in a pan and heated it.

I dumped the corn in and stirred.

and just mixed until it was slightly brown

I added lots of pepper and salt

then I served with cooked marinated and garlic pole beans.

This was really, really yummy y'all!

have a wonderful 4th y'all!!!!

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