Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lisa Moore....A Beautiful Painter!

I have recently relocated my studio!
A friend and fellow painter of mine has allowed me to share her studio space at Tula Art Center.
This is a huge honor for me.

Watching Lisa Upchurch Moore paint is really a thing of beauty.
She paints differently than me and I love watching her.
Perfectly sketching her subject matter with a charcoal pencil she then swipes the canvas with her palette knife and gentle broad strokes.
Allowing drips of paint is an added benefit of her work.

Lisa is a sweet, sweet soul.
Her work speaks volumes to me.
Very southern with inspirations from her upbringing on a farm in Carrolton, Georgia.
She has a very "Degas" like feel.

I simply love her work and cannot wait to see where my experience painting with her leads me on my never ending quest to better my painting skills.

I think you'll agree that Lisa's work is amazing!

You can find Lisa's work at many galleries throughout the United States.
To learn more about Lisa though, go to her website!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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