Tuesday, July 1, 2014

That Hobby Lobby Decision.....

Ya know, I'm not one to get controversial.
But.  I believe in fairness.
Whether you are a woman, man, black, white or any other color.

I also believe in fairness for companies.

For me, this HL decision was NOT about religion.

The Supreme Court decision for HL to opt out of paying for "THE MORNING AFTER PILL" was more about a private company being able to make their OWN decisions about how they run their company and what THEY pay for.

I'm annoyed at the backlash that HobLob has gotten.
I think folks are missing the point that the Supreme Court was making.

I don't think this is a decision based on Religious beliefs that the Supreme Court has.
I believe this is a decision based on HL being a PRIVATE company.

Private vs. Public

A private company means that the company is solely owned by individuals.  NOT a group of folks investing in a company through stocks that are publicly traded.

So, what that means is they (HL) are free to make the decisions that they want to make concerning every part of their company!  They are free to sell religious items in their store, and they are free to not open on Sunday. 
It's just that simple.  If they don't want to offer the morning after pill, it's their prerogative!
Why in the world should the government force them to do something that they don't believe in?
Do you want the government telling YOU what you HAVE to pay for?
Doubt it.

That's my rant.

Have a great day y'all!

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