Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Bahamas....My Little Photo Album

So yesterday....
my new hip "Frannie" and I got out on the tennis court!!!
It has been exactly 2 months and one week since my total hip replacement surgery.
I said I wasn't going to try and play on vacation for fear that I would re-injure myself and ruin every one's vacation.
but, I really wanted to hit with my favorite son.
So, we went and got a basket a balls and hit away.
I mostly drilled with him and hardly any side to side movement, but boy did it feel great!!!
Frannie is going to do wonders for me!!!

Then out to the pool we went.
we knew that The Miss Teen USA pageant is going on this week here in the Bahamas but we were in for such a fun surprise when all the lovely young ladies started pouring in yesterday.
We were leaving the pool as many of them were checking in.
Do you know how exciting it is for a 5 year old to see a beauty queen?
Especially ones that have those banners strapped across them.
They were all So sweet to Evers and posed with her.

Miss Texas on the left had legs as long as a set of drapes. (that's the only thing I could thing to compare them to)

my favorite.

and look at those amazing legs.  my word.

Miss Alaska was Ever's favorite.

Gregory would rather look at the boats.

So would "W"

The newlyweds.

Bands are always playing in the Marketplace

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants.  Seafire Grille.  Must have?  The mac-n-cheese side dish.  oh my.

What a wonderful time with family
We all shared how we became engaged.  And some other fun and interesting stories :) It was such a great night!!!

have a great day y'all!


  1. Hi,

    Would you mind sharing where in the Bahamas you stay. It looks like a good spot for my family to get together.


    1. Hi Barbara! We always stay at the Harborside which is part of the Atlantis. There are good things and bad things about it. It's not nearly as "plush" as some of the other properties on site like The Reef (which is newer and much more grand). And you have to shuttle to the beach and all the pool slides etc. But, really for kids it is wonderful. It is set up like a condo, with living area and full kitchen. Most balconies overlook the marina with massive yachts which are fun to look at! All in all and for the price its great. FYI, prices usually run around 550 a night. However, I found on of our two units on EBAY for 800 for 5 nights. BINGO!!! They are timeshares so people are always trying to resale them or sale their week. Hope this helps! xo