Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Co-ordinating Your Art", A Design Lecture!

Well hey y'all!
Whew, bit of a crazy week here.

Friday I had the honour of doing a design lecture for a group of ladies.
This meant I put on my Interior Design hat (that had been stuffed in a closet) and mixed my experience in Interior Design with my experience in art.

So, what did we talk about?

First we discussed color trends.
I put together 6 different design boards consisting of what I believe to be the freshest colors moving forward in design
Also while talking about these design boards, I showed how different paintings blended with different fabrics and colors

a) grey, beige, or greige?

Kendall Boggs

Lisa Moore

b) mustard or deep gold (added with grey)

Jenny Everett Schultz

Kendall Boggs

Dana Wolter Interiors

Lisa Moore 

Kathyrn Trotter 

c) deep apricot

Kendall Boggs

d) teal and turquoise is still good! Gravitating towards a deeper turquoise
Benjamin Moore Turquoise

Laura Fontaine

Kendall Boggs

Lisa Moore

e)  Grass green

Kendall Boggs

Serena and Lily

John Deere -:) (hey, it looked great!)

We then discussed the importance of keeping things simple.
Like things that are expensive to change
i.e. counter tops, flooring, furniture staples.

This will give you the ability to add "pops" of color when you need a change.

For example in this room by my friend Dana Wolter.
When you tire of the gold pillows that's an easy fix.
Pop in deep apricot or grass green.

Then we discussed emotional art
These are examples of emotional art

Kendall Boggs

Kendall Boggs

Lisa Moore

What do I mean by emotional art?
Art that reminds you of something.
Maybe something in your past.  
Something spiritual.
or even
Something you love to do.

Kendall Boggs

Something that makes you go "awe"!
or even cry!

I then wanted to discuss difficult spaces for art and how to work a collage.

over headboards

Mix antique paintings and pictures for added interest

or keep your collage art clean and simple using black and white photography

Finally, we discussed what to do with your children's photos.

A beautiful example of a terrific way to display pictures of your children.
Again, credit goes to my friend/designer Dana Wolter, Birmingham, Alabama

For more information on speaking engagements on "Co-ordinating Your Art"
please contact me at

Have a great day y'all!

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  1. I'm on trend then! I have a grass green sectional sofa, dark apricot pillows, and an accent, monogrammed pillow in dark teal! All with a collage wall :)