Monday, October 6, 2014

A Truly Beautiful Video...A must see

This was posted on Facebook the other day.

A sixty something year old woman, who's boyfriend did not want to be seen with her out in public because she was too old.

I have thought about this video so many times since first watching it and decided to post it to my blog.

Because we as women, and as society dictates, are self-conscious about ourselves as we age.
Many just can't give up that once oh, so youthful, beautiful outside appearance we once had.
The thin body, the beautiful clear eyes, the long healthy hair.
It was ingrained in us as young girls how important our beauty is!
We are told as two year olds.  It is a constant dialect.
Do we talk about how important the other things we do in life are.
That wonderful grade we got on a test?  That amazing piece of scupture we created?
The drawing we drew?

Back to self image.

I'm SO guilty of this...I need to loose 25 lbs, I want to have my eyes done, my neck lifted, and don't get me started on the cellulite on my body.
But, as much as I want an eye lift (and yes I AM doing that)  Against my husband's better wishes.
I want to get back to this video.  I just thought it was sad, but SO brave, and SO unbelievealby true.

Now, let me talk to the men who may be reading....
Get a clue guys.
Women age.  If beauty and youth is your only goal for the woman in your life, you have got a very serious problem.  

Women our age need to learn to age graciously, beautifully, find something that you love to do.  Something that is interesting, something that you truly love.  That will find peace in your life!  It is never, ever too late to learn.
You will find your inner beauty.
The outside beauty won't matter as much.
You will find you are so much more than the outside beauty that was pounded in our heads at a young age.

 We are ALL Beautiful!  We all have special gifts in this world that we need to explore! Go for it.
And for those jerks who may say "she's too old to be seen with me?" Well, I've got two simple words for you.....
Crude, but true....

have a great day y'all!



  1. And you do a great job being an example of aging gracefully. You've posted selfies without makeup and look beautiful!!

  2. Brilliant post , Kendall !